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BAD WORDS book - PLUS - Original A5 Inked Bust


So, With this option you're getting the book AND an A5 original inked bust on bordered 300gsm paper.

A funny, dark, twisted and wickedly entertaining book of poems about all the various crimes that plague modern society.

Theft, murder, drug-smuggling, blackmail, cannibalism....it's all in there.

There are more than 50 poems - and the vast majority of them have also been illustrated.

I've done most of the illustrations myself - but there are also 15 guest illustrators who have contributed images to the book - and they're all amazing (Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Mike Norton, Luke Parker, Hatch, Alex Riegel, Gustaffo Vargas, Ewan, Joe DellaGatta, Dimitris Pantazis, Mr Hope, Heidi Burton, Nathan Stell, Ben McSweeney, Olli Hihnala, and Baldemar Rivas). You'll no doubt have heard of some of those guys :-)

A5 size, 84 pages (inc cover) and great from start to finish.

Oh, and this book is NOT FOR KIDS! There's a good helping of adult words and themes throughout - so over 18's only.

Please don't buy it if you're easily offended.