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About me

I'm the creator (writer and illustrator) of Random Trials, the darkly funny comic book about secret drug testing - and the horrific side effects that afflict a number of unwitting subjects.

Set in and around a South London housing estate, Random Trials is for adult readers only - as it contains graphic fight scenes and more than it's fair share of naughty swears.

There are currently 3 issues available - and I'm working on issue 4 right now. 

If you like movies like Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead - and TV shows like the X-Files - then you'll love Random Trials.

My work has been featured in a number of comic books including No Place Like Home (Image Comics), Dead Roots (a zombie anthology) and ZombieBomb (Terminal Press) - as well as in a whole host of titles across the UK Small Press comics scene.

Aside from comic books, my illustrations have appeared in publications including FHM and Empire Magazine.

If you're based in England you're likely to bump into me at one of the many comic cons that happen up and down the country - so please stop by to say hello! :-)